MagnaWave PEMF

Improve your horse’s range of motion and increase stamina without drugs or side effects

Gold Wowie® Equine Therapy PEMF Price Sheet

Contact us directly at (805) 350-9224 or email to get accurate pricing. All animals, and especially equine are different.

With MagnaWave PEMF treatments, it will depend on how old your animal is, what is the indications that you are trying to treat, or if this is for overall maintenance.
It also depends on the type of discipline that you do, as this will determine the length and duration. Also, if your horse suffers from a chronic condition, we will probably suggest a package of sessions, as with most therapies, a “one time” cure all treatment doesn’t exist.
It will help ease pain and inflammation overall, increase blood flow and oxygenate the blood, but it will not get to treat the entirety of the issue.
We don’t want to put a band-aid on your animal!

We have seen miracles happen with PEMF and calling us to discuss your issue, we can better understand what is happening, and give you an over the phone consultation and discuss options.

We also support the Equine Animal Rescue in Aiken, as well as the Aiken County Animal Shelters. As we are all about giving back to the community and helping all animals big or small! So, by keeping your animal well, we can give back to those less fortunate.
Below are general pricing guidelines, but again, for package sessions we can negotiate what best suits you. Incudes a free analysis: *See below

1 Equine (or pet) Full Body Session (40 minutes) – $85
1 Equine (or pet) High-Performance/Show & Protection Dogs (40) minutes – $100
3 Equine (or pet) Package of 3 Sessions (40-minutes) $240
3 Equine (or pet) Package of 3 Sessions for high performance, show or protection dogs
(40-minutes) $270
++Price above is coming to you within a 7-mile radius, if outside our radius, we have to include a travel fee.
Contact us for more details

*I am not only a Certified Practitioner, but also a Hawaiian La’au Lapa’au (Hawaiian Holistic Therapist). I charge no fee to look your animal, (this is normally a $250 per hour consultation), to go over issues, and give a holistic approach to your horse, show animal or pet’s overall health. Hair analysis can also be scheduled to determine your animals’ dietary needs, and to go over supplements. This is done by a one of the best specialists that I know in the industry and can refer if needed.
Payment is due at the time services are rendered, and can be paid with cash, credit card, PayPal, or Venmo