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Our mission is simple, provide only the best all-natural, 100% (Cannabidiol) whole-plant full-spectrum CBD products to enhance the quality of life. For complete mind and body wellness from our “Ohana” (family) to yours.

The Gold standard for all CBD products. We have multi Award-Winning products, provide third party lab
testing, and Certificate of Analysis (COA) with all purchases.

About Us

About Us

The company was founded by Leilani Pacheco, who comes from a 4th generation family from Kona-Hawaii, on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Leilani was raised around ranching, coffee farms, and cannabis all her life.

The name Gold Wowie® represents two of the most renowned and famous “cultivars” (strains) of Hawaiian cannabis.

The first is “Kona Gold” & the second is “Maui Wowie”.


Leilani has always been proud of where she was born and raised, and she wanted to create a CBD line to help people (and animals) suffering with different afflictions, a holistic way to bring relief.

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  • I've had aching joints since I was 29. IT WAS LITERALLY KILLING ME! And the meds they put me on were even worse. Gold Wowie CBD stopped my pain, healed my inflammation and all without any side effects. As far as I'm concerned, it is a miracle.
    Debbie K., South Carolina
  • I'm an old man, I just thought, well, this is it, I'm never going to be able to really live life again. I gave up. Until my daughter gave me a sample of her GW CBD Gummies My whole life changed. I had less pain, more energy and I could play golf, play with the grandkids, no more sleeping all day - no more pain.
    Carl Lucas Jr., Wylie, TX
  • I have been using Gold Wowie CBD tinctures, fruit cube gummies, and pain relief roll-on, since they first came out. And honestly, I have never had anything that has helped me more than these products. Now my knees don't hurt anymore! I am always in a better mood, and my overall heath has improved! It took about a week for it to fully kick in, but I have never looked back, best thing I have ever done for myself.
    Dawn Jenkins, San Diego, CA
  • I've tried more than 10 different CBD products and this is hands down the BEST! I have bad joint pains, sore muscles, and trouble sleeping through the night, this helps immensely! Also, the best tasting fruit gummies, and CBD oil I have ever had. Leilani & Gold Wowie CBD really stands behind their customers!!!
    Jason H., Wellington, FL
  • My dog freaks out during thunderstorms and fireworks. I rescued him from a shelter, and I have tried everything from thunder jackets to Vet meds, that just made him so loopy and sick. I was desperate, so I ordered a bottle of the Gold Wowie Pet CBD tincture. OMG! I gave it to him right before the New Year’s fireworks. Usually, he would freak and try to tear through the house or hide. He was calm, still a little freaked, but a 360 from how he used to be. I can even leave him home without worrying that he will try to get out!
    Jack Ventura, Palm Springs, CA
  • I have been using Gold Wowie CBD drops for 6 months now, and it has definitely helped me. I highly recommend it.
    Kim Taylor Baldwin, Rayville, MO
  • We had a problem horse that spooked, kicked the stall, was always going lame, and was struggling from anxiety issues. We tried so many different treatments and drugs from our veterinarian. We were seriously thinking of selling her, as the bills were mounting. Leilani met with us at our stable and brought the Gold Wowie Equine CBD. She showed us how to dose and use it on our mare. She is much calmer, has not has as many health issues, and we feel that this has helped! Gold Wowie was there to help educate us, and gave us our horse back! Thanks Leilani & Gold Wowie.
    Carol Benson, Maui Stables, Hana-Hawaii
  • I had severe Eczema and Psoriasis throughout my life. I lived in Hawaii so going to the beach or trying to hide my condition with an Aloha shirt and shorts was impossible. My cousin told me about Gold Wowie Salve. It had so many organic and natural ingredients that immediately it calmed down the inflammation & my wounds started healing. I use it for my kids when they get cuts and scrapes and no scars! It is a miracle in a jar.
    Kalani S., Kamuela, Hawaii
  • I have been riding most of my life, and my back and knees pain for as long as I can remember. I want to keep riding until I can’t. I tried the Gold Wowie pain & relief roll-on, and it has helped tremendously. My doctor tried to give me tramadol & other pain killers which made me too loopy to be riding. That said, I now don’t have pain or at least not as much as I had prior. I am happy that I tried this product!
    Deb Magee, Indio Polo Club, Indio, CA
  • A few months ago, I added Gold Wowie CBD to my dog’s treatment plan for epilepsy. I have seen major improvements in his condition, and I am impressed with the results!
    Katie Roth, Aiken, SC
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