10mg Full Spectrum Delta-9 Fruit Slice Gummies


10mg Full Spectrum Delta-9 Fruit Slice Gummies

Gold Wowie has put together a delicious and specially crafted all-natural, full-spectrum Delta-9 and CBD multi flavored Fruit Slices! Our fruit slices are made following the highest standards at every step of growing, harvesting, extraction and bottling process.
Delicious mixed fruity flavor: Orange, Apple, Lemon, and Blackcurrant!




Introducing our new 100% natural beautifully created Full Spectrum Delta-9 Gummy Fruit Slices! These top-quality vegan full spectrum Delta-9 & CBD fruit slices contain not only a high amount of Delta-9 & CBD, but other naturally-occurring cannabinoids and terpenes from the cannabis/hemp plant, providing all the benefits without the high.

10mg of Delta-9 & 30mg for CBD per gummy!

Each bottle of these delicious and fruity Delta-9 and CBD gummies are made with all natural ingredients, including flavors made from real fruits and vegetables for a variety of satisfying flavors including; blackcurrant, apple, orange & mixed fruit.

Taking Delta-9 & CBD has never been easier! Convenient and portable, you can take your D9 CBD Gummies wherever you go.

Only the best all-natural ingredients make it into our unique full-spectrum Delta-9 and CBD gummy formula.